I’m not going to makes graphics for a while. Going hiatus.

maknae yook keeping his hyungs in line 。^‿^。

person: wow since you like kpop, do you speak korean?
me: naega came here to have a daebak time and jebal i am feeling so attacked right now.

The consequence of being a Baby..


This is actually the best thing I’ve seen in weeks!

Non Kpop followers, here’s the deal. It’s Doojoon’s birthday and he’s the leader of the band B2ST. So, he decided to treat himself by posting ridiculous pictures of their bands main vocalist, Yoseob!

"since today is doojoon-hyung’s birthday, junhyungie-hyung and i will kiss doojoon-hyung on his cheeks if we win first place."
yysbeast: #1 promise